Before discovering val Codera (in 1939), the Aquile Randagie held their summer camps in various areas, especially in the Alps. Doing a route "the way of the Aquile Randagie" therefore does not necessarily mean doing it in val Codera: if anything, it means doing it with their style, their attention, their preparation.






There are several reasons to travel with Aquile Randagie exploring the places they frequented:

  1. It's about experiencing the thrill of preparing a route without having the aids and advice that the custodians of val Codera can give you, which increases the difficulty and therefore, due to the eighth article of the Law, the smiles and songs
  2. It's about exploring areas where not many scouts pass, therefore there is the opportunity to let people know about the Association and to show that the scouts are smart people (first, third, fourth, fifth article of the Law, above all).
  3. Expanding the area of the routes allows us to reduce the impact of our activities on the Codera valley, in continuity with the sixth article of our Law.
  4. Some areas frequented by the Aquile Randagie allow the creation of routes in a less wild and complex environment than that of the Rhaetian Alps, thus allowing the routes to be better adapted to the technical abilities of the participants and reducing the risk of any unexpected variations in the route or unforeseen weather conditions (you know that there is “the eleventh article of the Law”: the scout and the guide are not stupid...).