Welcome to the Val Codera scout bases website.
On this site you will find information on the location of the valley, its history and the importance it has for Italian scouts.
This valley hosted several activities of the Aquile Randagie (Stray Eagles), the scout group that opposed the closure decreed by the fascist state, and continued its activity in clandestinity from 1928 to 1945.
Two scout bases are active in the valley, this allow scout groups to camp there and learn the details of that adventure as well as retrace the mountain paths of the Aquile Randagie.
Since a few years some foreign groups have visited our bases, and therefore we have published a multilingual version of our site.
Some descriptive pages of the bases and activities are available on this site, as well as some information for booking overnight stays (the nature of the valley is very delicate and it is essential to regulate access). The booking process for summer camps and routes will start on April 1st.

Please stay tuned for further information

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The team of  val Codera scout bases.